Selected Publications


Democracy & Belonging Forum, Connecting the Dots Newsletter, bimonthly.

El Publico, Polarización, Tribalismo Político, y Cambio Climático”(Polarization, Political Tribalism, and Climate Change), 2022.

El Correo, No solo va de precios” (it’s not just about prices), 2022.

Corriere della Sera, “Guerra e Pandemia Creano Divisioni, ma l’energia pulita e un tema di tutti”, 2022.

20 Minutos, Causa Común en un Mundo Incierto,” 2022.

BCN Metropolis, “The Far Right and Authoritarian Populism, Challenges for Liberal Democracy,” 2020.

The Fulcrum, How Americans overwhelmingly rejected violence this election season,” 2020 (co-authored).

More in Common, Britain’s Choice: Common Ground and Division in 2020s Britain, 2020.

IEMed, “Public Opinion toward Immigration, Refugees, and Identity in Europe,” 2019.

AfricaYe, Sudán: Revolución “Exitosa” y un Largo Camino por Recorrer,” October 2019.

More in Common, Hidden Tribes: A Study of America´s Polarized Landscape. October 2018 (co-authored).

Vox Media, “Lessons from an intergalactic refugee crisis: […] tribalism on this planet,” December 4, 2019.

The Atlantic, Which Came First, the Divisions or the Tribes?,” November 7, 2018.

Zeit Online, “Amerikas erschöpfte Mitte,” November 1, 2018.

The Atlantic, The Trouble with Tribalism,” October 17, 2018.

BBC World, “Elecciones en Estados Unidos: las “7 tribus ocultas” en las que se dividen los votantes ,” November 3, 2018.

More in Common, “Attitudes towards National Identity, Immigration and Refugees in Italy,” July 2018 (co-authored).

CON_Magazine, “Italian Public Opinion on Immigration and the Labour Market,” June 2018.

European Policy Strategy Center, Is the Internet Eroding Europe´s Middle Ground? Public Opinion, Polarisation and New Technologies,March 2018 (co-authored).

The Broker,  “Building an inclusive narrative and focusing on integration: the way forward,”  February 2018

Centre for International Affairs CIDOB, The Global Reality of Refugees in Protracted Situations: African Case Studies and Ways Ahead, , November 2017.

More in Common, “Attitudes towards Identity, Immigration, and Refugees in Germany,” July 2017.

Centre for International Affairs CIDOB, Ghana’s Elections – Regional implications and lessons from electoral peace structures and processes,” February 2017.

Review of European and Transatlantic Affairs, The Far-Right Challenge to the EU: Recapturing the EU Narrative,” February 2017 (co-authored).

Yale Journal for International Affairs, Photo Essay: “Peace in Colombia: The Tale of Bojayá,” April 6th, 2016.

Huffington Post, Is it Time to Have an Open Conversation on Migration?April 8th, 2015.

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