Multidisciplinary researcher and coordinator, Míriam draws her expertise from a variety of disciplines such as law, political science, economics, and anthropology and applies it to design real-world solutions to complex challenges. Míriam’s aim is to bridge the gap between academic findings, policy, and implementation. She is particularly interested in the ways in which psychological vulnerabilities and cognitive biases are targeted to produce behavioural change and how they translate into political action.

She is also interested in exploring how social justice – and particularly, gender equality- can be advanced through artistic expression.

Currently based in London, where she conducts and coordinates research for More in Common, Míriam was previously based in Ghana, where she conducted research on peace processes and mechanisms implemented to prevent electoral-related violence and worked as a consultant for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

She holds a masters in Global Affairs from Yale University, specializing in Political Violence, Human Rights, and Gender. Interested in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, she also has in-depth expertise of the Colombian internal armed conflict. Prior to Yale, she graduated salutatorian with a law degree from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and worked in public law. Míriam speaks Catalan, Spanish, English, and intermediate French and German.

When not working, you will likely find her reading, taking photographies, working out, cooking, or eating (preferably, by the sea).

For a more detailed resume, check her LinkedIn page here.

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